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Adeline Adeline Brings Cute, Functional Bikes to Tribeca's Ladies

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Femia, 4/14/10

If you've ever made the mistake of asking a bike snob what's so great about fixed gears or been nearly mowed down by a spandex warrior on the Williamsburg Bridge, then you know how intense NYC bike culture can get. Brand new Tribeca bike-shop Adeline Adeline was born as a reaction to that kind of wonkery. Owner Julie Hirschfeld thinks bikes are fun—fun to ride, and fun to look at—and she wants to make the joy of biking accessible to the average woman. That doesn't mean her bikes are dumbed-down; in fact, they've got some really cool, bike-nerd-approved features like drum brakes, shaft drives, and gears hidden inside the wheel hubs. But if you're a total bike newbie, you'll feel comfortable in the shop's friendly environment. You can even set up a one-on-one appointment during the week if you want that level of assistance.

Hirschfeld, who used to work as a graphic designer, called the shop after her grandmothers, both of whom were named Adeline. She's stocked the store with bikes ranging from $380 to $2000 (more if you're looking for a completely insane Bakfiets two-wheeler with a long basket in the front) and cute, feminine accessories that make the biking life easier without making you look like Lance Armstrong.
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Adeline Adeline

147 Reade Street, New York, NY