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More Reports from the Harrowing Cynthia Steffe Sale

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Looks like we weren't the only people to emerge from the Cynthia Steffe sample sale emotionally scarred. If you haven't checked out the comment thread, do drop in for some war stories, which include a substantial rant that begins "IT WAS THE WORST SAMPLE SALE I HAVE EVER BEEN TO!"

We hear reports of hoarding, shoving, and public nudity (women were trying things on "like they were at Saks Bridal in their thongs.") One reader even invokes the sacred duties of motherhood, writing "Some of the women customers should be shot. Especially the ones that are MOTHERS...ranting and SHOVING others that could be their daughter (due to age), one being me. Classless acts." And over on Guerilla Shopper, Nancy Brenner advises anyone who wants a Steffe piece to go into the sale with brass knuckles and a mouth guard.
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Cynthia Steffe

550 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY