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Zac Posen's Mother Is Also His CEO, And She Is Awesome

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Zac Posen's mom is the best. She's a former mergers-and-acquisitions lawyer, she runs his business, and her name almost rhymes. On the eve of Zac's Target collection launching in New York, the Wall Street Journal takes a long and fascinating look at Susan Posen and the role she plays in her son's business.

Susan first got involved back when Zac was just starting out after reading a contract he'd been sent by an investor. "The terms were egregious. I had smoke coming out of my ears," she told the WSJ. So, having just left her position as partner at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan, she decided to start helping her son with the business. Eventually, she became company CEO, a job she held up until three years ago, when the company hired an outsider to take over.

Now, though, she's back in charge, and her influence has already prompted Posen to launch Z Spoke, his lower-priced line, and embark on the Target collaboration. (He actually turned down an earlier offer by the big box brand.) Zac has always been known for designing small, pricey collections of super-flattering dresses for New York party girls, but Mama Posen's focus on the business side of the company has helped him decide to embrace mass fashion. It's hard to tell whether these shifts towards populism will pay off, but for now, they seem like smart moves.
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