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Critical Shopping

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Prompted by a raw denim dilemma at hand, the Critical Shopper pays a visit to Self Edge on Orchard Street to fix his Levi's 501XX, check out the selection and get in touch with his inner motorcycle-riding tough-man self. It's worth noting that before visiting Self Edge, in an effort to break in his pair of 501XXs, the Critical Shopper actually considers sitting in a warm bath while wearing said jeans. The visit to Self Edge is a success as Jon Caramanica has his fancy Levi's chain stitch hemmed by a special machine for only $25 and checks out the goods from labels like Iron Heart and Sugar Cane—all while reveling in the manliness of it all. His overall impression ends with this sentiment: "And it’s possible to walk away with a head-to-toe bruiser look: thick work shirt, boots for stomping and magazines with which you can compare styles with other tough guys." [NYT]