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Is Nordstrom Only Settling for a Rack in Union Square?

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Is it wise for Nordstrom to make its first foray into Manhattan through its discount offshoot, Nordstrom Rack? CNBC suggests not, hinting that we're only getting a Rack because Nordstrom was unable to nab space for a traditional store on Park Avenue. "You're making your debut in Manhattan with an outlet store? I find that a little bit odd," analyst Christine Chen tells the site. "I just kind of wonder what that does to the Nordstrom brand." Chen adds that Union Square is rather downscale for Nordstrom (which seems to ignore the fact that Whole Foods is practically within credit-card-throwing distance, but whatever). For their part, Nordstrom argues that they've been operating Racks for thirty years without damaging their full-price stores, and adds that they're still hoping to open a regular department store in Manhattan someday.
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Nordstrom Rack

One Union Square South, New York, NY