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Ladies Line Up for the Elie Tahari Sample Sale

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Sample Sally waited half an hour to get into the Elie Tahari sale when it kicked off this morning. If you're female and a sample size, the wait sounds worth it: Sally found knits going for $19 to $29; tops, skirts and pants going for $59; jackets going for $99; and other outerwear ranging from $199 to $279. Bags go from $79 (small) to $179 (medium) to $249 (large enough to hold a laptop.) Men will find a more limited selection, though the prices are comparable. Since this is a true sample sale, some of the merchandise looks like it's been around the block a bit, so shop carefully. And hit up the shoes first: Sally says they were well-priced at $79 to $99 and disappearing quickly.
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Elie Tahari Sample Sale

510 Fifth Ave, New York, NY