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The Small Screen Sartorialist

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Garance Doré, blogger, photographer, fashionable girl about town and girlfriend of Scott Schuman (aka the Sartorialist) has confirmed that her boyfriend does indeed have a television show in the works and provides a few details on the matter. Doré tells the HuffPo that the show is still in the planning stages, but will veer away from a "classic TV show" and due to the ever-changing world of media will be "something that talks to the people very easily and that you can see on the Internet." Doré also says that the show will focus on fashion, food and music. Hmm...the description leaves the concept quite wide open to interpretation. Maybe five of the Sartorialist street style subjects living in a Williamsburg loft for a season? A Rock of Love inspired competition where young fame-seeking kids from around the country battle to be Schuman's intern? Oh, the possibilities. We'll be waiting anxiously to find out more. [The Huffington Post via Elle UK]