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Cynthia Vincent and Eugenia Kim Both Crop Up at Target Early

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Target's latest two accessories collaborations—shoes by Cynthia Vincent and hats by Eugenia Kim —aren't due out until this upcoming Sunday, April 18, but they've already appeared in certain stores. One tipster informs us that the Target in White Plains has Vincent's brown wedges (above) and black gladiator sandals in stock. "I snagged the brown gladiator wedges," she writes. "They were so cute!" Meanwhile, our sister site in LA found the adorable multicolored wedges and a few other styles in an Orange County Target almost a full week ago.

Another tipster emailed this weekend to tell us that she spotted Eugenia Kim's hats at the Atlantic Terminal Target.

The other day I saw somebody checking out at Target and buying a cute hat, and then later I was looking at pics of the Eugenia Kim collection for Target and realized that someone had just bought one of them! So I did some Google searching and found the listings up on but not in stock yet, but if you ask it to check store stock it shows that they're in Atlantic Terminal Target. And they are! Here are the pics! I didn't see the plaid-ish fedora but from the Target pressroom pics it seems like they have all the other styles.
I bought the sea green fedora and the sun hat with the attached scarf is really great too! The sizing must be moderately big because the fedora and the sun hat both fit my big head. The little canvas tiny brim hat and the straw one with the green trim were too small for me.
If you want to check out the full lines before you truck out to Target, consult Nitrolicious for the Cynthia Vincent lookbook and Sugar Rock Catwalk for the Eugenia Kim collection.

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Cynthia Vincent

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Atlantic Terminal Target

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