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The Bulgari Sale in the Garment District Is the Anti-Hermès

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Dedicated sample sale shop Soiffer Haskin seems to be trying to keep their Bulgari sale under the radar, but they clearly weren't counting on the wiles of blogger Mizhattan. Despite strict rules against taking photos, she managed to come away with three posts' worth of big, bold shots. (We excerpted a couple above, but find the full set here, here, and here.) She reports tons of merchandise and absolutely no line, while a high-level Racked informant tells us that shoppers were downright civilized (e.g. nobody tried to use the miracle of human reproduction as an excuse to cut the line.) In other words, if the Hermès sale last month wasn't your style but you like luxury leather goods, this might be the place for you.

Bags are mostly 70% off, although some have pink markings designating them 80% off. That still works out to a fairly hefty sum, but smaller items are more budget-friendly: Ties go for $52.50 and scarves for $165. Get a kit of five miniature perfumes for $26 or—speaking of the miracle of human reproduction—a set of Bulgari's Petits et Maman soap, lotion, and body spray for $30. Mizhattan also tantalizes us by posting a shot of sunglasses; she doesn't have prices, sadly, but we're guessing those would go for something in the $100-$200 range.

The Bvlgari sale at Soiffer Haskin running through Wednesday (9am-6:30pm) has no jewelry or watches. Bvlgari, which has recently been trying to position itself as a leather goods company to compete with venerable institutions such as Prada, LV, Bottega, is selling handbags, small leather goods, cufflinks, ties and lots of fragrance at 70-80% off of retail.
Let's face it, Bvlgari isn't known for its handbags which run from under $1000 for logo encrusted canvas totes to the upper thousands for bags in exotic skins. Then again, Cartier makes beautiful bags that most people don't know about either.
So is the sale worth your time?
That depends. If you can't bear being seen with something other than a Chanel Maxi in black with a diamond chain, this sale is not for you. On the other hand, if you're willing to try something new for 70% off of retail then you should definitely check out Bvlgari's bags and small leather goods. Some of them are absolutely gorgeous and all of them are made in Italy.
There was a very healthy selection of men's ties and just a handful of belts remaining, along with lots of small leather goods for men and women.
Sorry, no photographs of the goods. Soiffer Haskin is cracking down.
And unlike the recent Hermes sale, there were no lines to get in and no drama about line-jumping.

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Soiffer Haskin

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Soiffer Haskin

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