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The Curious Case of the Multiple French Soles

FSNY Lexington Outlet via <a href="">Yelp</a>
FSNY Lexington Outlet via Yelp

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Who knew that ballet flats could create such a conundrum? Earlier this week, the Thread reported that famed London-based ballet flat purveyor French Sole had opened its first US outpost on Lexington. As a French Sole Lexington has existed since the 80's, we sensed a mystery here and thus began an investigation into the matter.

Turns out that there are two separate French Soles. The companies are completely different entities, yet are both known for their popular ballet flats, alarmingly similar logo fonts, 80's pedigree and coterie of celebrity clientele. Here, we've got French Sole New York (FS/NY), which has a Lexington flagship, along with a nearby outlet and Greenwich store. On the other side of the pond, there is French Sole by Jane Winkworth, which, most likely due to trademark issues is known as London Sole in the U.S. and is based in California. A call to the public relations contact for London Sole confirmed that London's French Sole (a.k.a. London Sole, still with us here?) has not opened in New York. A quick Google unearthed a Footwear News article announcing last Saturday's opening of a new FS/NY concept: French Sole Comfort on Lexington. Mystery solved!
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French Sole Comfort

972 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY