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Don't Mess with the Sartorialist

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People say that imitation is the best form of flattery, but apparently The Sartorialist doesn't agree. The New York Times today reports on two Sartorialist knockoffs, the moniker-capitalizing Fake Sartorialist and the feline version, the Catorialist. (On a side note, we don't really see the big deal about this one. We had high expectations for a blog version of the United Bamboo calendar, but it's just pictures of a bunch of unclothed cats). The Fake Sartorialist, a 25-year-old architect based in Johannesburg (who is apparently "hotter than a fake Louis V bag"), basically takes the original Sartorialist photos and draws all over the subjects. Real Sartorialist Scott Schuman emailed the Faux Sartorialist last week and threatened to shut him down, even though Schuman's site garners 250K hits a day versus the Faux's paltry 50. Faux took note and since has changed his M.O. Now, he makes Photoshop collages of designers and their work. [NYT]