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Remain Calm: Nordstrom Rack Is Not Going to Sell Burgers

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Image via <a href="">Eater</a>
Image via Eater

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Eater reports that signs for famed West Coast chain In-N-Out Burger are popping up all over the city today, including at the corner of 14th and Broadway in Union Square, where people in In-N-Out uniforms are handing out fliers in front of the former Virgin Megastore. If this seems suspicious, it's because Nordstrom Rack is slotted to take over that space in about a month—and also because it's the first day of April. Yup, turns out it's a cruel, cruel April Fool's joke. But at least the future of our heavily discounted department store goods is secure, right?
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Nordstrom Rack

14th Street and Broadway, New York, NY