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Don't Believe a Word the Trader Joe's Twitter Says about Jay-Z

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Fun fact: Highly amusing Twitterer @TraderJoesBK is in no way affiliated with the Trader Joe's on Atlantic Avenue, or any Trader Joe's, for that matter. Which means, sadly, that the past hour of tweets about Jay-Z's visit to the store is just an April Fool's Day prank and not, as we'd fervently hoped, the best use of Twitter of all time.

About an hour ago, the Twitter—which goes by the name Trader Broseph, obvi—announced that Jay-Z had arrived in store with a small entourage. "Not making eye contact with anyone," it informed us. "Will keep following him." Following updates included an update about Jay abusing his free sample privileges and this inspired bit of fan fiction: "Michael Jackson just came on the muzak and Jay Z did a spin in the frozen aisle. The store is losing its damn mind." Sadly, a salesperson at the store confirms that Jay-Z hasn't been near the free guacamole all day.
· @TraderJoesBK [Twitter]

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