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Two Hooligans Arrested for American Apparel Attack in Williamsburg

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Yesterday, American Apparel issued a response to rumors about the bizarre events of last Thursday night, when a group of miscreants busted the windows of the N. 6th Street store. While it's amusing to imagine a bunch of hipsters going all Che Guevera on the oppressive hegemony of candy-colored boyshorts, the company wants us all to remember that stores get vandalized all the time, and usually it's not a referendum on fashion/capitalism/gentrification/How We Live Now. Here's their full statement:

We've gotten a few inquires about an incident at our Williamsburg store last week, and because online speculation can so often go awry, we thought we'd try set the record straight with the facts we have available. About 20 small windows were broken by a group of people on Thursday around midnight. The piece of metal used to smash them was left behind, a few mannequins were scuffed, and nothing was stolen. The police apprehended and arrested two people later that night, a man and a woman, and we'll likely proceed by attempting to be reimbursed for the destroyed property.
As far as anything goes regarding a black-clad hipster uprising or mobs of angry retail protesters terrorizing Brooklyn, there hasn't been anything to confirm this apart from a few blog comments. Most retailers have a brush with vandalism at some point, which although unfortunate, is just a reality of being in business. As it stands, this appears to be one of those instances.

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