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Rejoice! Christian Siriano's Claw Heels Hit Payless

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Racked National informs us that Christian Siriano's demented talon heels for Payless have finally arrived in-store. A little background: "Payless first released toned-down versions of the shoes, but after great shopper outcry for the real deals, they caved and rolled these out." And thank goodness—at $79.99 a pair, the shoes are the closest a lot of us mere mortals are going to get to Lady Gaga-style footwear. We called around to local Paylesses and determined that they're available at Broadway and Houston, Sixth Avenue and 23rd Street, and 14th Street between Fifth and Sixth. Everyone seems to have a few pairs per size, so don't feel compelled to drop everything and sprint over, but don't hesitate, either. And if you do buy them, please tread carefully—one word we can't imagine using to describe those babies is "sturdy."
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