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Julie Dickson at Fox and Boy Salon Might Be Clairvoyant

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Welcome to Racked Rx, a new feature highlighting the best places in the city to get your shoes repaired, your clothes cleaned, your hair cut, your blender fixed, and all your other material ailments cured. No item is too high maintenance; no appliance is too quirky. Have a place you want to recommend? Email us at

For our inaugural installment of Racked Rx, let's start with Nolita hair salon Fox & Boy. Writes a Racked correspondent:

I found Julie Dickson's salon after an unfortunate period of experimenting with various hairdressers in Williamsburg, all of whom gave me exactly the same hipster mullet. By the time I sat down in the styling chair at Fox & Boy, I felt lost. "I have no idea what I want," I told Julie, a friendly blonde. "Just don't make me look like a member of Journey."
She studied me for about thirty seconds and then said, "I think you should look like a folksinger who lives in the Village in the early '60s. Like someone who cut her hair herself." As it happened, that was exactly what I wanted, only I didn't know it. Later, when I went back for another cut, she amended the description to "A British schoolgirl who is having an affair with one of the Rolling Stones." Again: How did she know?
Granted, these are not the rarest of haircut ambitions (it's not like she somehow guessed my deep-seated desire to look like a Sun Belt mom who's having a midlife crisis, or a longshoreman after a long and difficult winter) but it's still impressive that she was able to size me up immediately. And her skills don't just apply to people who are obsessed with Mad Men; she keeps a preppy friend of mine looking like a natural redhead, and I have a curly-haired friend who loves her.
Fox and Boy is located at 280 Mulberry Street, just below Houston. It's not cheap—cuts start at $90—but the Yelp reviews are all fantastic.

· Fox & Boy [Official Site]
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Fox & Boy

280 Mulberry Street, New York, NY