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Christian Siriano Actually Showed the Claw First

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"Aren't these just cheap knock-offs of the late McQueen's claw shoes from his spring collection?" writes a reader of Christian Siriano's talon heels for Payless. We've heard the same concern echoed elsewhere, and why not? McQueen was a genius; these shoes are from Payless. But as it happens, Siriano showed the shoes at his spring 2010 runway show on September 10, 2009. McQueen's armadillo-shaped wonders didn't appear on the catwalk until the next month, on October 6. It seems like the resemblance is just an amazing coincidence—a coincidence that means people across the country can buy lookalikes of a wildly iconic designer shoe for $79.99 at the local mall. [Racked Comments; Previously;]