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An LES Itinerary For Crab Cakes, Cheap Denim, Party Dresses

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Welcome to Drunk Shopping! Our new feature celebrates the time-honored tradition of getting totally wasted while the sun's still shining before buying a bunch of debatably useful stuff that the sober you would be too timid or too restrained to take home. Each Friday we'll cobble together a new itinerary starting you off with a boozy Saturday or Sunday brunch before meandering through a few neighboring retailers and happy hours notable for seasonal specials, limited time availability, fantastic deals, recent openings, or new shipments.

The week's almost over—it's time to get a buzz going and drop some cash on a few bags of new happy. This weekend we'll be on the Lower East Side. Start off your day at old drunken standby Bondi Road. Located in the middle of Rivington's mini-indie-shopping mecca, the Australian spot features an $18 brunch including a surprisingly satisfying classic New York brunch menu with Down Under details. An eggs Benedict is served over crab cakes, a burger comes loaded with a fried egg, beets and grilled pineapple, and the best part: drinks are bottomless. After about 11 Bloody Marys or greyhounds they'll serve you a fruity shot—that's a signal that they need your table. You can keep boozing at the bar, but follow us. It's time to shop.

Just a few doors down duck into Szeki. The shop just moved from a tinier spot around the corner so the space and stock is brand new and the one-of-a-kind cocktail dresses, smart leather handbags and jersey basics are affordable enough that when you sober up you won't end up in tears because you blew a month's rent on one cardigan. Afterward backtrack to Robert Geller's first New York shop, a collaborative pop-up with Assembly New York. The hard-to-find, dandy-ish menswear collection has become a critical favorite and the space is featuring the full spring line as well as Assembly's house line and a selection of fancy candles.

Now, you're probably thirsty again, right? Follow Rivington to Allen and hang a right. You'll find Epstein's. Yeah, the crowd isn't exactly ideal, but let's be honest—they have $3 bloodies and mimosas until 4pm on Sundays and you probably need a restroom. Once you're back in the saddle, head south to Bag. The shop is hosting a blow-out Earnest Sewn sale. Stock jeans are $60, or two for $50 each; and samples are $30. You won't be blown away by the cardboard boxes and communal changing room but you'll be flying and a pair of designer jeans is going to end up being cheaper than what you've already invested in vodka.

Finally, celebrate that haul now (because Monday morning you might not still think that orange is the new neutral and that tangerine whatever you were so sure about might not have been the best investment piece). Verlaine's probably open for the night, and their lychee martinis and sake cocktails are only $5 until 10pm.

Enjoy! And please do share your Drunk Shopping tips, tales, and war stories in the comments!

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Assembly New York

170 Ludlow Street, New York, NY 10002 212-253-5393 Visit Website

Bondi Road

153 Rivington St., New York, NY