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Jil Sander x Uniqlo, Just In Time For Spring

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When Uniqlo launched +J, its sleek collaboration with Jil Sander, back in October, we showed up to find the Broadway sidewalk swarming with fashionable men (and a few ladies.) We were back in January, as were the other stalwarts, for the spring line—and now, today, the second part of the spring line drops. Are we standing outside Uniqlo again the cold, praying for redemption? C'mon. Of course we are. The full report, below.

[The line this morning, 7:30am]

7:31am: Good Thursday! There's a few stalwarts here already—including the first guys guys in line, who were first in line (and in our lineblog photo) last time, too. They arrived at 6am. Heroes.

7:33am: A lot of the clothing promoted before the first spring launch wasn't actually here last time, so they came back assuming it will be part of the second round. Fingers crossed.

7:40am: Four more people have arrived. I'm seeing lots of fur-trimmed hoods and one giant furry hat.

7:42am: One of the Uniqlo employees is handing something out! It's... brochures for Uniqlo denim. Oh.

7:47am: Two Uniqlo employees are waiting right inside the door, staring at us. They look warm.

7:48am: Guy just came out and said, "About 15 minutes." Whole crowd went, "Less!" He says, "Okay, fine, 10."

7:55am: There are probably 40 people in line now.

8:04am: Maybe 50 people here now... more? Oh, they're letting us in!

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