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John Bartlett Hearts Man Clutches, Gay Theater, Terrariums

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Borrowing from Oprah's "Favorite Things" series, designer John Bartlett has been posting monthly lists of "Thangs" on his blog, and he's not going to let a post-Fashion Week vacation in the Caribbean prevent him from publishing a list for March. Barlett might have been too busy tanning to come up with his usual top ten, but the five-part listicle is still totally charming.

What made the cut? Terrariums, '90s supermodels (we told you he used Jenny Shimizu in his Fall '10 show), gay theater, dress shirts with matching ties (available now at John Bartlett—shocker!), and man clutches. The whole blog is great—learn more about putting on a fashion show and check out a USA Today profile of Bartlett's three-legged dog Tiny Tim.
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