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Topshop's First Anniversary Party Involves Style Bloggers, Free Cake

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Crowds vie for a photo of Topshop on opening day
Crowds vie for a photo of Topshop on opening day

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Everyone's favorite British fast-fashion retailer in Soho turns one year old on Friday. To celebrate, they'll be offering contests, giveaways, and special birthday tank tops to anyone who buys anything over $100. They've also partnered with a couple multi-talented fashion bloggers: The ladies of Six Six Sick will be DJing, as they've been doing at Topshop for the past six months, and Feels Like White Lightning will be taking street style photos. (Get snapped in her favorite outfit, and you could win $250 to spend at the store.) And of course, because it's a birthday, everyone gets free cake. If you're feeling nostalgic, take a look back at our opening day coverage. Remember when the Puffin Room guy lost it and posted signs saying "Free lobotomy inside for Topshoppers?" Those were the days.
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