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Update: Why the East Village's Meg Is Expanding to Williamsburg

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Yesterday we told you we spotted a forthcoming shop in Williamsburg called Meg. As a commenter pointed out, the shop is connected to diminutive East Village boutique Meg and designer Meghan Kinney. Meg Williamsburg will feature the same flattering, unfussy womenswear as Meg shops in Toronto and the East Village (which will remain open). It officially opens its doors on April 10th; until then the space will be a weekend clearance and sample sale space for the brand.

Why Williamsburg? Kinney lives in the area so it's convenient. And of course there's a lot more space for the buck. The designer hopes the larger shop will allow for more special events—the type of things the East Village location just couldn't handle.
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46 N. 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY