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Not Even Ninja Robbers Can Get Pucci Pouting

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It's been just over a week now since a gang of "ninjas" staged a dramatic pre-dawn robbery of the Emilio Pucci store on Fifth Avenue. They may have busted down the door, made off with $100,000 worth of goods and managed to get away with is all thus far, but they didn't tap the backstock. The fact that they only disturbed the salesfloor means that the boutique can continue on with its daily business somewhat normally, even if customers must enter through a rough-looking plywood door to find limited sizes and styles.

Ironically, the window display from the robbery until now is one showing a mannequin behind gold bars, clad completely in Pucci. How timely! It's even more significant however, because if the ninja robbers are caught, this is exactly what they're in for.
· 'Ninjas' in 100G Fifth Avenue Store Heist [NY Post]

Emilio Pucci

701 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY