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Chanel Takes Out the Trash, To Frugalistas' Delight

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The term "frugalista" might be annoying, but there's no better word to describe anyone who capitalized on our surprise discovery yesterday evening. If you follow us on Twitter @rackedny, you'd have seen our tweet straight from East 57th Street, where we had stumbled upon a stash of 7 pristine Chanel display tables, put out to the curb for trash in front of their store.

It's not every day that we come across a Chanel table?a free Chanel table of black lacquer and seamless white tile no less, and so we got the word out about them. We doubt the NYC Sanitation workers and trucks could haul them, as heavy and large as they were, so we left the scene hoping that enterprising frugalistas could get a pick-up truck over there and snag themselves a unique dining or drafting table. This reminds us?it's spring cleaning time for the boutiques, so we'll continue keeping our eyes open to similar finds, so long as you share and share alike with us on Twitter.
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15 East 57th Street, New York, NY