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Shu Uemura To Leave US

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Devastating all cleansing oil aficionados, L'Oréal has announced that specialty beauty and cosmetic line Shu Uemura will be closing all U.S. operations. Shu Uemura does the bulk of its business in Asia, with only a small percentage in the U.S. With the closure, L'Oréal will be concentrating on growing its more domestically viable luxury brands, such as Kiehl's and Lancôme. This is definitely a bummer since Shu Uemura just unveiled a Tokyo Lash Bar in the renovated Bloomingdale's makeup floor last Fall. Besides Bloomingdales, Shu Uemura is sold locally at Neiman Marcus, two Barneys locations and the soon to be closed Takashimaya. Better stock up on that cleansing oil and mascara now. [WWD subscription req'd]


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