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UWS Trader Joe's Confirmed

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Exciting news for the Upper West Side: the Trader Joe's at 72nd and Broadway is officially confirmed. Gotham Organization Vice President Jeffrey Kaye tells NY1 that an official opening date has not yet been determined, but the store is expected to "open later this year". The scaffolding on the corner building was recently unveiled to reveal three retail spaces. Trader Joe's and Bank of America will take two and the third is available. Aside from bringing delicious prepared foods and healthy snacks to the UWS, the soon to open Trader Joe's is also bringing optimism. UWS residents are hopeful that the store will also trigger more foot traffic to smaller businesses in the area, along with employment opportunities. Considering the recent disturbing real estate news for the area, Trader Joe's could be the savior of the UWS. [NY1, previously]