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Meurice Garment Care Made a Loyal Fan in Midtown

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Welcome to Racked Rx, a new feature highlighting the best places in the city to get your shoes repaired, your clothes cleaned, your hair cut, your blender fixed, and all your other material ailments cured. No item is too high maintenance; no appliance is too quirky. Have a place you want to recommend? Email us at

A reader writes in to praise both the tailoring and dry cleaning skills of Meurice Garment Care at 57th and Second:

I wanted to compliment Meurice Garment Care. Recently a good friend gave me his nice sports coat. It was a bit too big and needed a cleaning so I asked him to recommend a place to take it to. He said he always takes his stuff to Meurice, so I decided to give it a try. I wasn't looking forward to going because in the past I've dealt with some pretty terrible dry cleaners. At Meurice the customer service was phenomenal—they were very helpful and kind. When I got the jacket back it looked amazing and fit me like a glove. They're not the most inexpensive place but I really got my money's worth and I don't think there are many other places out there that could have done as great of a job.
Meurice's midtown location gets four out of five stars on Yelp, though it's only been reviewed three times. There's also a Greenwich Village outpost, and the reviews there are even better.
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Meurice Garment Care

245 E 57th Street, New York, NY