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Saks Sells Skanky Prom Dresses, Along With Its Soul

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Image via the New York Post

Stripper-chic is in for prom style this year, and Saks Fifth Avenue is pretty much selling its soul to get in on the game. Commenting on the prom offerings at the venerated Fifth Avenue institution, a sales associate tells the New York Post, "I can't believe that mothers let high-school girls buy these dresses for prom." (We assume that the sales person refused to identify him/herself out of fear of retribution). Apparently, one of the bestselling frocks at Saks is a way too-mature and skanky $380 floor length backless (and almost frontless) dress that Serena van der Woodsen wouldn't even dare attempt.

At first we were about to call child services to the door of every prom in the city, but it's a comfort to know that Principal Lisa Maffei-Fuentes of Christopher Columbus High School in The Bronx has the situation under control. She requires submission of dress photos for approval, prior to the event, to avoid any overly revealing ensembles (i.e. "their rear ends can't be exposed"). She will also police the doors in case a prom-goer tries to sneak in a rule-busting dress. To aid Principal Maffei-Fuentes, the ever classy Post has provided a guideline of absolute don'ts with this cringe-inducing slideshow of the most inappropriate in promwear for Spring 2010.
· Girls Flock to Trampy Prom Dresses [NYP]

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