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Laurel Canyon Vintage Faces Eviction After Building Sells for $1

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For years, tenants at 63 Thompson Street paid as little as $80 a month in rent Then the landlord sold the building to a nonprofit for $1, and now monthly studio rent is being bumped up to $800 ($1098 for one-bedrooms.) If every number in that story looks like a typo to you, that's because this is a classic case of crazy New York City rental politics. And it's a real problem for Laurel Canyon, the vintage boutique on the building's first floor.

Owner Elisa Casas opened Chelsea Girl in that space in 1993, and she's been running local business ever since. (Eventually she switched the 63 Thompson store over to Laurel Canyon and opened Chelsea Girl couture around the corner.) Initially, the nonprofit's CEO testified in front of the City Council that he would raise Laurel Canyon's rent only slightly. But now, Casas says, she's being evicted. She and co-owner David Munk don't want to leave the space, and they're hoping to negotiate some kind of deal. For the time being, at least, the store remains open.
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Laurel Canyon

63 Thompson Street, New York, NY