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Have You Spotted 'Croslite,' Crocs' Foot Fetishist Mascot?

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Every time we pass by the plywood that has overtaken the corner of Spring and Wooster for years, we still can't believe that Crocs is doing it; they are soldiering on with their construction of a "Crocs Platinum" Soho store. The spot, a surprisingly small corner building, has taken millions of dollars from the financially struggling company and now that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, Crocs is upping their presence around the city.

Please welcome to the sides of buses and payphones: Croslite, Crocs' creepy toe-rubbing mascot. We spotted ads featuring him around town this last weekend, and his gremlin-ish green self may cause double-takes, but they're followed by shudders. Expect Croslite to hang around for a while since summer is coming and so is the Soho store.

And then, when we were surfing around the Crocs website for more background on Croslite, we found the above?Crocs' knock-offs of the popular Havaianas World Cup sandals. As Bryanboy might ask, "how does this make you feel?"
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Crocs Soho

143 Spring Street, New York, NY