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"PSA to all pregnant shoppers: STOP YOUR DELUDED SENSE OF RETAIL ENTITLEMENT." So writes a reader who was moved to hit the caps-lock button after a bad experience shopping in Soho. "I was waiting in a massive line at Uniqlo (stretching out past the J+ area) for the dressing room," she explains, "when a pregnant woman and her husband brazenly skipped to the front and ask to be allowed to cut the line due to the bump. I'm glad to say that protest ensued from those of us who had patiently waited. Preggers and hubby got the idea and promptly exited the dressing room premises. Tsk, tsk—when will they ever learn? The nerve..." This comes on the heels of the uproar that took place at last week's Hermès sale when a pregnant woman wanted to cut the 2.5-hour line, making us wonder if baby bumps in shopping queues are the new strollers in bars. [Racked Inbox; Previously]

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