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8.15 August Fifteenth Throws Open Its Basement Doors to Shoppers

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August 15th is the day World War II ended in Japan, and the first day of the Woodstock festival in 1969. It's also the date designer Kazushi Ota found his below-ground workspace at 184 Franklin Street and hence the name of his label, 8.15 August Fifteenth. This past weekend, Ota opened up the Tribeca 300-square-foot location for retail, decorating it with antiques and fixtures he made at his farmhouse. From the street, it might look like somewhere you'd go to escape a tornado, but inside you'll find laid-back, utilitarian clothing for men and women. If any of it looks familiar, it's possible you saw it further uptown, since Ota's wares are also carried at Barneys.
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8.15 August Fifteenth

184 Franklin Street, New York, NY