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The Built By Wendy Sale: Go Now For Summer Dresses

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Another season, another Built By Wendy sample sale. This time the sale—which opened this morning and runs through tomorrow Sunday—is inside the Williamsburg shop and only features the brand's quirky indie-rock librarian womenswear. For fans of the Wendy aesthetic, or frankly, for anyone that needs to pick up some casual summer dresses, this sale is a must. The prices are great, pricing is up-front-and-center, and major bonus: It's all happening in the shop, so there are dressing rooms. No need to poke through dusty boxes of throwaway crap on the floor of a vacant warehouse or studio.

Let's just get this out there: All dresses are $70. It doesn't matter if they're lace-topped for evening or just a summery cotton shift. And they retailed for anywhere from $120 to $300, so that's a major deal. We recommend summery eyelets with broadcloth sashes; a stripey pocketed tank dress that felt like a dish towel but would be great over a bathing suit for the train ride out to the Jersey Shore; or anything in polka dots or a series of graphic two-color florals that seriously channel Liberty. Stay away from the prints of filmstrips or balloons. These should've been cute, but they're instead clumsy and cartoonish.

Woven tops and blouses are a steal at $45 (from $65 to $170). We loved white matte sequined tanks, oxfords subtly embroidered in same-color anchors, fantastic wheat-printed button-downs, more Liberty florals, and a soft chambray. Wendy's signature denim—traditional as well as a conductor's stripe—are $50 (from $125 to $200). They share a table with other menswear-inspired trousers in khaki and olive, only $40. Knits, including some graphically printed tees and lots of Williamsburg stripes, are $25 (from up to $70). Sweaters—an oatmeal-colored thick cotton knit gave us visions of sailing at dusk—are $50 (from $130 to $200).

Along the back wall there are lots of fun little goodies (and a bunch of heinous shoes): Bandannas in that signature wheat print we love for $10; guitar straps; floral pillow cases; denim tote bags. Speaking of denim, there's a lot of it in the form of jackets, skirts, and dresses. Jackets are priced as marked from $40 for light cover-ups and boleros to $125 for military-inspired coats.

There is a variety of sizing but not exactly a glut of stock. If you're going—and you should—go soon.
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Built By Wendy

46 N. 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY