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Matthew Williamson Puts Gossip Girl Spoilers on Display

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Matthew Williamson in the Meatpacking District is spreading Gossip Girl gossip with its intriguing window display of a fallen Blair, a heart-wrenched Chuck, and a mysterious army of suited men.

The display itself is pretty bleak, at least if you're a Gossip Girl fan. There are three suited male mannequins adorned with fedoras and a fallen brunette mannequin in the Matthew Williamson dress Blair will be wearing in a future episode. The most upsetting part are the white blocked words pasted on the window which read "What did Chuck do?" (Chuck! What did you do?) The other window has a lone male mannequin, in a suit with a Chuck-esque tie, grasping onto Blair's dress with the words "Tune In" plastered across the window.

The most important part of the display is the TV screen broadcasting a future Gossip Girl scene. The entire sequence is in black and white. Blair is lying in bed in the Matthew Williamson dress (because who doesn't sleep in a Matthew Williamson dress?) She gasps at the site of a fedora-wearing man peering through her window. All of a sudden, the suit army storms the door and takes Blair. The next shot is of Chuck running through the door. He falls to the ground and grabs onto the dress for what looks like dear life, sobbing. This window/sneak preview scene is a win-win for Matthew Williamson, Gossip Girl, and Gossip Girl fans alike. There's even a security guard in the window—protecting the juicy information, perhaps?—Lauren Frankfort
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Matthew Williamson

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