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Anthro's New Light Fixture; Garden Collection Going Fast at H&M

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MEATPACKING DISTRICT—The Anthropologie at Chelsea Market just got a big, bonkers light fixture. Oversized armoires hand-carved by Basque grandmothers to follow shortly, we assume. [RackedWire; Previously]

MIDTOWN EAST—After hearing that shoppers were going crazy over the new eco-friendly Garden Collection at the H&M flagship on 52nd Street, we figured we had to investigate for ourselves. The verdict: We've seen crazier. (After the Great Pregnant Bitchface Shouting Match from earlier this week, we're kind of jaded.) But while the place isn't mobbed, the place is definitely running short on certain key items, and staffers say they've had heavy foot traffic all day. [RackedWire; Previously]

Chelsea Market

75 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY