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The Lohan Curse Lives On: Ungaro Now Looking for a Buyer

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Today's New York Post reports an exclusive in the latest Emmanuel Ungaro saga. The House of Ungaro is now looking for buyer and according to the Post, it's pretty much Lindsay Lohan's fault. This past year has been a rough ride for the label, with Lindsay's design debacle, financial troubles and last month's inevitable closure of its 8000 square foot Madison Avenue store. Rumor has it that Ungaro management even "nickel-and-dimed" Lohan, compensating her with clothing instead of cash (hopefully not with her own designs). The Post reiterates the latest speculation that Michael Kors will take over the former Ungaro space and gives us a new one to work with: the struggling Plaza Shops are apparently trying to entice new tenants by claiming that an Ungaro boutique will be opening there. Interesting marketing tactic. Yet another unnamed Post source sneers "if that's true, the Plaza must be giving them an extremely low rent". Ouch.
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