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Stella McCartney Fills the Gap's Concept Shop with Cuteness

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Remember when Stella McCartney's first collection for Gap Kids dropped last November and small adults everywhere tried to wiggle into the bandleader jacket? Well, it's about to happen again. McCartney's spring Gap Kids line launches nationwide and online on March 30th, but it comes out in New York City stores today.

To promote it, the Gap has dedicated their White Space concept shop to the collection. When we stopped by the tiny store, on Fifth Avenue and 53th Street next to the Gap flagship, it was filled with brightly colored kids' clothes, cheery cut-outs of birds and animals, and fashion bloggers wondering if they could fit into a boy's XL or a girl's XXL. (According to Nylon, the answer is "yes" if you wear an adult size 0-6.) There's no one standout piece like the military jacket from last time, but the striped and preppy boys' sweaters are adorable, as are some of the girls' ruffled shirts. The store opened at 11 this morning; if you're child-sized or have kids in your life, it's definitely worth a trip.
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Stella McCartney

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White Space

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