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J.Press Delivers Preppy Basics At Incredible Prices

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J.Press, cornerstone of American preppery for over a hundred years, is having the kind of sample sale we probably don't need to tell you much about. You know the image you conjure up when you picture clothing by J.Press—broadcloth basics and bowties for the Cambridge and New Haven sets. (Is it any wonder two of their four shops are within spitting distance of Harvard and Yale?) Well, all that's there, with few surprises. The prices are pretty great, so it's really, really packed. Good luck browsing and better luck with that meandering line two dozen shoppers deep.

The quality menswear is pretty much 70% off retail across the board. Suits—seersucker, linen cotton, tweeds, tartans and winter wools—retail from $400 to just under $1000. Take one home starting at the kind-of-crazy price of $120. Blazers also run the gamut in material, if not in style or cut. They too start at $120, down from a retail starting point of $400. Harlequin and argyle pullovers as well as cotton cardigans range from $100 to $200 retail. You can grab several for around $30 each, but note that the colors are just wrong for both now and for menswear in general (unless of course you love pastel orange and lime, canary, and carnation). Shirts are a better bet: From blue broadcloth to summer plaids both dress and casual versions are available for $15 to $30 (polos for $24.)

Pants and shorts are also a steal. They retail starting at $79, but prices now start around $25. Find red gingham shorts, trousers in a spectrum of colors and fabrics, lots of seersucker, khakis, and two surprises. Surprise #1: Seersucker pants and shorts embroidered in repeating fancy-tail goldfish (except the goldfish aren't gold). To these we say yes. We say no, however to Surprise #2: A wide leg denim trouser.

In terms of sizes, the sale seems more stock than sample, meaning you'll find a full range. There also appears to be a semi-private dressing room and a guy with a tape measure for suit-seekers.

Socks and ties are only $5, but alas, we couldn't get anywhere near them. Like candy bars in a supermarket, they lined the check-out and shoppers were impulse-buying gobs of them. From what we glimpsed, they were standard-issue and as long as they last (we're guessing not very long), they alone are probably worth a trip.

Oh, and ladies: If you're a fan of a Sears-looking brand called Joseph, the sale has tons and tons of things from coral skinny jeans to floral peasant tanks and a lot of camo-print in between, all under $15.
· Dealfeed: J.Press [Racked NY]

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