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Scarves Are Going Fast at the Hermès Sale in Chelsea

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We rejoin our special sale correspondent Fawnia Soo Hoo inside the packed Hermès blowout in the Metropolitan Pavilion. Having survived the line, she's reporting live on conditions inside the sale. Follow her updates below for news on pricing, selection, and local color.

9:15am: I'm in! Apparently there are 105 people here already.

9:18am: Ready for some prices? Ties are $98, scarves are $225. Both are popular as always.

9:22am: Shoes start at around $300 or so. I see a nice pair of pythons for around $1400.

9:24am: No one is looking at the clothes.

9:28am: The large maroon bags are $2800, small $2600, Fjord $2680.

9:29am: Uh oh. I think I'm being followed. There might be a strict no-liveblogging policy around here.

9:30am: Saw a notepad for $33. Is that a good deal!

9:32am: Bikinis are $320.

9:34am: Messenger bags and backpacks are $427. Small canvas and leather bags are $472. I just saw a lady walk off with five.

9:38am: There's a crush of people at the small leather goods section. Security is all over it. Leather gloves are $272 and up, wallets are around $400 and up.

9:40am: Fragrances are all under $31—they're possibly the lowest-priced items here. Bracelets are $267 if they're small, $306 if they're medium-sized.

9:41am: It's so hard to get pics because security is practically on top of me.

9:45am: Large brown canvas tote: $440. Aaaand I just saw a leather tie for over $500.

9:48am: It was so crazy by the bracelets and small leather goods. I could barely make it through the crowd. That and the scarves are the most popular. Women are also buying multiple canvas/leather bags.

9:49am: A sample of clothing prices: $7000+ for a camel leather jacekt. $1050 for a sweater with a scarf attached. $860 for a skirt. The fitting rooms in the back, by the way? Completely empty.

9:52am: Men's button-down shirts are $330. Sweaters are around $440.

9:56am: There are cute pouches for between $330 and $500.

9:57am: Strangest item of the sale: I don't see any of the equestrian equipment that's usually here, but there are some very expensive towels. They're $318 and kind of ridiculous because they have these bright tropical patterns with birds and foliage with "Hermes Paris" written at the corner.

9:59am: Wait, I take it back. Just saw $500 luggage tags. Really? Another strong contender for the "Most Random" prize: There's an $80 puzzle here.

10:00am: Baby shoes! Only a few pairs, all $110. Good thing all those moms brought their kids

10:18am: I'm heading to the coat check. One final item of note: They won't be restocking. What's on the sale floor now is all they've got.

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