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Lynn Yaeger Shows Off Her Doll Collection (and Apartment!)

Image via <a href="">The Inside Source</a>
Image via The Inside Source

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It turns out that doll-faced fashion writer Lynn Yaeger has a doll collection of her own. New eBay blog the Inside Source has recruited Yaeger to write a series of columns about the site's most avid shoppers, and for her first piece she details her own current eBay fixations:

Vintage cardigans and 1920s bracelets; rag dolls meant to resemble French cartoon characters (the aforementioned Becassine dolls} and Victorian children’s jewelry—the rarer, the more elusive, the less findable, the better.
She's also obsessed with reindeer sweaters, obviously. Click through to read the whole story and get a look at Yaeger's apartment, which appears to be stuffed to the gills with amazing eBay finds.
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