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Williamsburg's Brothers Cleaners Can Heal Your Hermès

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Welcome to Racked Rx, a new feature highlighting the best places in the city to get your shoes repaired, your clothes cleaned, your hair cut, your blender fixed, and all your other material ailments cured. No item is too high maintenance; no appliance is too quirky. Have a place you want to recommend? Email us at

Great things can sometimes come from desperation. Writes a reader about his go-to dry cleaner in Williamsburg:

After a number of mishaps at various Williamsburg dry cleaners—a lost garment, a bad hem job, a rude proprietor who barely glanced at a stain I was pointing out and returned my coat with pointed-out stain intact—I had practically given up. Then I noticed a not particularly pretty little hole in the wall: Brothers Cleaners. This place has turned out to be the absolute best, I won't go anywhere else.
They repaired a ripped Trovata to perfection. They got yellow wear/sweat stains out of a custom-dyed Yoko Devereux woven as well as a Marc Jacobs knit. They made a series of thrifted and vintage ties look brand new (one, a Hermès, had a huge toothpaste-like stain on it and now I could seriously sell it off at Ina).
Plus they're honest. They didn't want to charge me to clean an ink-stained cardigan they knew they couldn't clean, and they politely refused to clean a patent-trimmed Marc Jacobs coat because, as a sample, it didn't have specific cleaning instructions. They know all about samples: It turns out they do test cleanings for New York designers all the time. And on top of everything, the prices are incredibly low and they do everything in-house so they're not going to lose your pants.
Brothers Cleaners is located at 76 Havemeyer Street; as of now they do not have a profile on Yelp.

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15 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10012 Visit Website

Brothers Cleaners

76 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn, NY