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Is Tiffany's Looking to Add a Third Manhattan Store to Their Tiara?

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Inside Tiffany's Wall Street on opening day

Word on the street today is that Tiffany's is planning a major growth spurt this year, on account of strong sales in 2009 and through the '09 holiday season. But wait?isn't this still a recession?

Apparently the DeBeers' campaign "A Diamond is Forever" has worked all too well, since Tiffany's is hoping to return to "all-time highs" they experienced in 2007, just before the recession hit, by opening 17 more stores worldwide this year.

So will New York be on the list for yet another Tiffany's? After all, we only just got our second location (Wall Street) back in late 2007 and that's been doing alright despite its location at the center of meltdown maelstrom.

So where could you see another Tiffany's? We'd put our money on Soho, because for many brands (including Swarovski), you haven't made it until you've got a Soho storefront. They could take over the old Te Casan on West Broadway! What do you think?
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