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Some Final Tidbits from the Hermès Sale in Chelsea

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The Hermès line is now closed, according to blogger Mizhattan. She has some nice pictures up of merchandise from the sale, as does Chanello—if you're thinking of braving the lines later in the week, do check out both sites.

Speaking of the line, we apparently missed some serious queue-jumping drama this morning. According to an eyewitness, a woman tried to cut, sparking a shouting match. Reports our tipster: "The cutter was pregnant and first claimed she left to get water for her friend. Then she admitted she went home to take a nap. That didn't go over well with anyone who waited in line since 5am or with the security guard. She got in but after the people who complained went first." Scandal! Listen, lady, even if you're shopping for two, Hermès is not for nappers.
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