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Chase Manure-Bombing Revealed to Be Mining Protest

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Image via <a href="">Rev Billy</a>
Image via Rev Billy

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For a while there, it seemed like the weirdest story we would hear all day was the one about how someone had tossed a pile of poop in the Chase bank in the former location of the 2nd Avenue Deli. But then it turned out that it wasn't manure, just dirt, and that it had absolutely nothing to do with pastrami. Explains Reverend Billy, the activist who was behind the dirt dump:

On March 21st we built a mountain in the lobby of a Chase branch on 2nd Avenue & 10th Street in Manhattan made from the murdered mud of Coal Mountain in West Virginia. Perched on top we left a letter for the CEO of Chase Jamie Dimon. His bank currently finances 80% of the Mountain-top Removal mining that is killing Appalachia.
So basically we're talking about the plot of Avatar minus the 3D and dragon-assisted warfare.
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2nd Avenue and 10th Street, New York, NY