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Kell on Earth Is Live on Twitter Every Single Day

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If yesterday evening felt strangely dark and barren and wind-swept, it's probably because Kell on Earth was missing from Bravo. Luckily, People's Revolution is having a collective love affair with Twitter, so you can experience the joy of Skinner and the magic of Mukumal every day of the week. About an hour ago, for example, @stefskinner Tweet-directed the interns to stop singing Lady Gaga. There, can't you feel the tension of a Kell-less week subsiding already?

Andrew Mukamal's Twitter account, @ajmukamal, obviously features a picture of him wearing a long black dress. Just as obviously, he is really excited about Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, Bloomingdale's windows and all.

Robyn (@robynb77) and Emily (@emilybungertmn) don't tweet as often, possibly because they are extremely busy ladies, but they're both handy with an RT. Above, that's Emily's Twitter feed, broadcasting fans' devastation at yesterday's lack of Kell on Earth.

But the best part of People's Revolution on Twitter has to be the fact that Kelly Cutrone writes @peoplesrev herself. That's her, above, asking Elle's Joe Zee to get Olivia Palermo to steal her a pair of deeply insane Wonderwoman booties.