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Naomi Campbell Allegedly Punches Driver, Runs Off

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Say you're a supermodel who's got a bad reputation for pummeling the help. Say you've just built up a store of goodwill for running multiple Fashion Week shows raising money to help the people of Haiti. What would you do next? Well, if you're Naomi Campbell, you might lose your temper while being driven around the midtown, whack your chauffeur on the head, and flee into the rush of E. 58th Street. According to the New York Post, Campbell's driver called 911 on the angry supermodel after she hit him. (What we wouldn't give for a transcript of that conversation!) Later, when the cops interviewed him at the 17th Precinct station house, he said that he had "bumps and bruises" from the encounter.
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E. 58th Street and Second Avenue, New York, NY