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JWoww Shills For The Most Awkwardly Named Cosmetic Line, Ever

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We're almost too embarrassed to tell you what we did last night, but then the pictures above say it all. J-Woww, the attitude-slinging, fake boob-having member of the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore, hosted a little party for a new line of cosmetic creams from Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg, a line awkwardly named "Cosmetic Surgeon in a Jar."

An assortment of bloggers, photographers and other media awaited Miss J-Woww's arrival to the upstairs event space floor of Nino's, a small Italian restaurant on East 58th Street. When she did arrive, some 55 minutes into the party, she was on the arm of Dr. Greenberg himself, and she even offered a little speech about what the products (available at Duane Reade) have done for her skin. But if they're new products, exactly how long has she been using them? This was the least of our unanswered questions.

The whole event was odd, since we had been lead to believe that the party was not just for some "miracle creams," but also a bon voyage for J-Woww before she heads down to Miami for the filming of the second season of the show. it really got weird though when we recognized an overly made-up woman from the scene in a previous Kell On Earth episode when they show all of the uninvited wannabe crashers to the Chado Ralph Rucci fashion show.
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