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You Know It's Spring When IKEA Runs Out of Furniture

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The sun is out, the breezes are getting more temperate by the day, and the city is in the mood for some serious spring cleaning. That, and no one wants to move during the winter, so we're entering primetime for apartment searches.

As a result of all this, IKEA in Red Hook seems to be low on stock, even as they busy themselves with putting out the patio furniture. We stopped by the store twice over the last two weeks, and noted that while many of the higher-priced items are still in stock, the affordable stuff for which IKEA is known has far too many empty bins.

Is this the fault of too many college kids looking to score furniture for their post-dorm summer apartments? Or is IKEA Red Hook going the route of the Brooklyn Target?empty shelves all over?

Whatever the reason that everything appealing is constantly understocked, you can at least get a sweet view of the Statue of Liberty from their cafeteria. And you know the day that they run out of Swedish meatballs is that day that we hang up our VRÅDAL and FJÄRDING and give up on the blue-and-yellow giant.
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IKEA Brooklyn

1 Beard Street, Brooklyn, NY