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Alert: Hollister Employees Are Still Wearing Their Shirts

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There are a few surefire signs of spring in New York: Sidewalk dining, a resounding "YES" from Is It Iced Coffee Weather?, the return of the Gowanus Yacht Club. Now that Soho's Hollister is experiencing its first March in Manhattan, we can add another to the list. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Torso Watch 2010. The day the shirts come off the Hollister boys is the day it's officially springtime.

Judging from what we learned when we stopped by earlier today, spring could be just around the corner. The two friendly guys out front were wearing button-downs and sweatshirts, but they told us that male employees inside the store will start going topless this weekend. Once the weather is consistently over 65 degrees outside, the greeters will follow suit.
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