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Decadestwo's Pop-Up Draws Lines, Pleases Rachel Zoe

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When the Decadestwo pop-up shop above Kiki de Montparnasse opened this morning, the line was halfway down the block. It subsided after the morning rush, and when we stopped by around 3pm the place was positively peaceful, but sale organizers expect it to reappear as people leave work this evening.

If you didn't make it this morning, should you wait on line to get in? We'd say yes, but do note that the Loub selection is pretty much decimated and the McQueen rack has been significantly reduced. The handbag table has also been a particular hot spot, according to the Decadestwo folks. That said, there are plenty of showstopping shoes and bags left to buy, and while McQueen has been selling like crazy, you could still snap up a dress if you had $2000 to spare.

Christos Garkinos, Decadestwo's owner, tells us that the store plans to do almost double the sales of the last pop-up, especially when you factor in the special shoe sale taking place on Sunday. "We expect Sunday to be cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs," he emailed us. Another sign of the pop-up's success: Rachel Zoe has been texting them all day about the McQueen pieces. So if you do stop by, know that your shopping trip has been officially Zoe-approved.
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Kiki de Montparnasse

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Decadestwo Pop-Up Shop

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